Yoga Instructors

Kristen Lamarre

Kristen is known for her precise yet lighthearted approach to yoga. Coming from a background in biology and a love of anatomy Kristen weaves structure and alignment with free movement and exploration. She encourages students to connect with their own bodies and create movement that honors these connections. She understands that all bodies are different but believes that yoga can be done by everyone if we listen to ourselves. Yoga after all is a practice of connection.

Kristen completed her 200 hour teacher training at pavones yoga center in Pavones Costa Rica under her teacher Indira Kate Kalmbach. This past year she finished her 1000 hours teaching to become a yoga alliance certified E-RYT. Kristen’s fundamental desire for constant learning is evident in her practice and teaching. You will often find her in classes and workshops or with her nose in a yoga book!

When Kristen isn’t on her mat or driving from class to class listening to podcasts you will often find her outside nourishing herself by connecting to the natural world. Since a young age Kristen has had a deep connection with the earth and she tries to spend as much time outside as possible. She loves to hike and paddle board with her rescued ‘supermutt’ Koby. Kristen also enjoys travelling anywhere and everywhere, creating delicious plant based recipes and enjoying a cup of coffee or a hoppy beer.

Kristen’s joyful and sincere approach to life allows her to share yoga in an inclusive and nonjudgmental way; truly allowing the practice of yoga to bridge gaps. By sharing this practice that continually influences and grounds her Kristen hopes to inspire others to find their yoga.

978 391 9733 or


Christina first started practicing yoga at the age of 22. Through those 8 years it has been a journey of self discovery, self awareness and self love. What she enjoys most about the practice of yoga though, is what it does for her off of her mat.After many years of hospitality management, running events and restaurants, she decided she was going to take a leap of faith and create the life she always envisioned; to bring and teach the gift of yoga to others. In her class you can expect to find a flow that inspires and motivates you to become curious about what you are capable of, to move beyond your comfort zone in an effort to create change, and a platform that encourages you to go deeper to be the best version of you! Christina’s background of training is Baptiste Power Vinyasa which is focused on asana, meditation and self inquiry. She will use this background and shell of training to bring students a catered and personal flow that moves old energy to make space for fresh oxygenated energy, creates connection to self and builds community.  Christina and her husband are looking forward to welcoming a little baby girl this winter. In her spare time she is outdoors exploring beautiful New England with family, friends and her dog Cheech! or 978-408-0077

Carin Duteau

In 2016, Carin received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification (vinyasa) under the amazing Kevan Gale and his Fluid Yoga team.  It was a life changing experience that opened new doors to more training:  Yin Yoga, YogaMinded for Teens, Reiki I & II.  She also became a cancer-informed yoga instructor thru Bodhi & Mind Yoga.

Carin loves both the mind/body journey of Yin and the creativity of Vinyasa.  She sprinkles her classes with a focus on the breath, body awareness, gratitude and humor.  She teaches ongoing classes in her community and surrounding towns.  Sign up for her class:  Bring an open heart, an open mind, and a smile to share – she’ll see you there! or 978 764 6488


Shagufta first came to yoga during college, taking classes as they were available.  This basic introduction to yoga was enough for her to pursue a more regular practice and during this time she came across one of her mentors Barbara Rich of Kripalu who taught a very meditative, breath-focused sequence that resonated deeply with Shagufta.  This foundation of breath-work would become a guiding light for her during a time of loss in her family and helped her begin her     journey into a formal training of mind and body.  Yoga saved her!

Shagufta completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Fluid Yoga certification program under Kevin Gale and his extraordinary team of teachers in May 2016.  She is now very excited to share the psychological and physical benefits of Yoga with those around her as a registered teacher under Yoga Alliance.  She has also completed her Yin Yoga Teacher training under the guidance of Anne Dries of Buddha Nest yoga in May of 2018.  While her classes are technically in the style of Vinyasa Flow, her Yin approach to teaching encourages focusing on mindfulness and breath, and she hopes her classes can serve as a restorative time for mind, body & spirit.

200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Fluid Yoga Instructor (

Spa Yoga Certified (Stil Studio –

Bodhi and Mind Yoga (cancer-informed teacher training; (

Reiki Level 1 (First degree of the Usui System of Reiki Healing taught by Libby Barnett)

Yin Yoga certified (Buddha Nest Yoga – taught by Anne Dries)

Phone: 617-462-6245 or Email:

Liz Wood

Liz has been enjoying the many benefits of a daily yoga practice, since taking her first yoga class in college, many moons ago.  In 2007, she was certified to teach yoga at Central Mass Yoga and Wellness, under the guidance of Lucy Cimini.  Liz believes every person can find THEIR yoga and to that end, she enjoys teaching a variety of students, helping to make yoga an accessible and injury free experience.

Liz has been a Massage Therapist since 2002.  She brings her knowledge of anatomy into her yoga teaching, enabling her to assist students in finding versions of the many poses that suit their body.

Liz is on the pathway to teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn, at the The UMass Medical School Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society.  She expects to begin teaching this 8-week, transformative program in January 2019.

Loving nothing more than laughing, Liz brings her sense of humor into all her classes.


Sat Tara

My name is Sat Tara Kaur.  I’ve had interest and experience in many form of yoga over the last 15 years of my life.  Currently, my home practice is Kundalini Yoga of which I have been practicing for 7 years give or take.  It has been a solid anchor for me in an ever changing world, both outer and inner.  I love Kirtan, yoga, meditation, dance, art, animals, Nature and breathing with ease.  I’m hoping, by teaching Kundalini yoga and practicing together, that the practice will strengthen our connection to the Higher Self and give tools to support stability in our daily lives.