Yoga Schedule



Journey into Motherhood Yoga Flow with Christina

Being a mother starts before you even meet your baby; and there is so much to learn along the way. Would you like to be part of a like minded community that connects, moves and shares together through this sacred journey?

This will be a yoga flow class where all seasons of motherhood are welcomed. Prenatal, post natal, and your littles are all welcomed to participate weekly in a soft, grounded space that allows us to move and connect with breath, as we get to know our bodies and babies more deeply. We will share stories and inspiration to create a foundation designed to build confidence, awareness and empowerment from the first positive test, to the first daycare drop off.

For more information, contact Christina at or 978-408-0077

3:30 – 4:30  Yoga for teachers with Liz – Begins October 16th

An all level Hatha Yoga Flow

Teachers who practice yoga say it has given them an outlet for the daily stresses and frustrations. It also equips them with strategies to stay calm during chaotic moments and helps them understand and reflect on both their mindset and that of their students.  This is an all level Hatha Yoga Flow class designed to leave you relaxed and refreshed.

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all levels Vinyasa with Kristen

Vinyasa yoga is a meditative and fluid practice designated by the linking of breath and movement. Poses are strung together in a flowing progression and the breath is used as a guide to move from one pose to the next. There will be short pauses in certain postures to build strength and stamina but the rhythmic nature of the practice will be kept intact. This class is designed with all levels in mind so modifications as well as more advanced options are offered throughout the class.

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Slow Flow vinyasa with Carin

This slow-flow Vinyasa class begins with a few moments of centering and focus, followed by light stretching to warm the body.  Linking movement with breath, seated and standing poses will build on strength of muscles and bones, flexibility, and improved posture.  Strengthen your sense of proprioception with balance poses as you cultivate body awareness and mindfulness.  Classes end with a reflection on Acceptance and Gratitude.

Arrive as you are, and leave as you want to be – relaxed and rejuvenated.  Please bring your own yoga mat and water; dress comfortably.  Come with an open mind, an open heart, and a smile to share.

For more information, contact Carin at


Sangha Flow with Christina

Sangha; Sanskrit word meaning “assembly”, “gathering”, and “community”. An all levels gentle flow designed to ground self and unite community. With soft lighting and a calming playlist you can expect to slow down the breath with light groundwork movement followed by stretching and meditation. After class all students are invited to gather next door at Bailey’s Bar & Grill where they will graciously offer 20% off food on your total check for Sangha flow students! Practice and gather as a community!

*First class to begin September 13th*

For more information, contact Christina or 978-408-0077