Bindy is an amazing artist- in her presence one feels her unique vibration through the gift of her singing bowls. She comes from the deepest part of her soul in everything she does.
– Deborah Beauvais, Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network

She led us on the most amazing sound journey Wed. night at Dragonfly Yoga Barn… as she played, the wind came in, there were rumbles of thunder, sheets of rain, and through the whole storm were the bowls… oh my goodness, it was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. If you have not experienced Bindy’s bowls, you will LOVE this opportunity!
– Katie O’Connell, Dragonfly Yoga Barn & Retreat

I feel Bindy is extremely compassionate towards everyone (and life), is loving, kind, caring, thoughtful, and gives of herself so generously. She always warms my heart when we talk and hug. My inner soul feels so content and refreshed when I listen to her play, so beautifully, her singing bowls. love you Bindy.
– Tina Oreilly, Townsend MA

If you are looking for a wonderful way to start your day (and your weekend), then you MUST soak in the the amazing sounds of Bindy Johnson playing her crystal singing bowls. It is like nothing you have ever experienced…to hear Bindy play is not only beautiful to listen to, but physically calming to anyone that hears it. She truly has a gift.
– Kristen Donahue, Shirley MA

I love Bindy Johnson and her Singing Bowls. They are incredibly relaxing. I can’t wait for the Chelmsford Center for the Arts to be renovated so we can have her back.
– Susan Julian Gates, Chelmsford Center for the Arts

Bindy is absolutely amazing, dynamic, inspirational and brings peace and joy to so many!
– Cindy D’Adamo, Ladylake Music

If Bindy Johnson is playing near you… go. if you’re a yoga teacher, invite her to come play for your class… quick! before she’s booked up. Simply amazing… words don’t describe the tapestry of sound she paints for a Yoga class. Many thanks for our Om in G. We’ll have to record that one. Thanks to the full house of Yogis who make these events possible.
– John Calabria, Yoga with John

Bindy’s “singing bowls” brought me comfort, strength & hope in dealing w/a chronic, painful medical condition. As an ICU & ER RN for 3 decades, I believe in modern medicine, but I also recognize that it sometimes falls short of meeting patients’ needs. For me, Bindy’s sound healing sessions helped fill the gap.
– MaryAnn McNamara, Lowell MA

Bindy is amazing..it is a great way to find peace and reflection…
– Denise Hurley. Wachusett Music Series

Bindy and her beautiful harmonious bowls bring a sense of peace and well being that is unbelievable.
– Mary Lou Giovetti, Pepperell, MA

It is an amazing experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. You can’t help but feel relaxed and peaceful.
– Carolyn Sargent, Ayer, MA

The singing bowls for me is a personal journey. I attend her classes and listen to her CD as much as I can. It destresses me and helps me refocus to make better choices on a daily basis. Can’t say enough about Bindy Johnson, she is an amazing spirit.
– Stephanie Cobleigh-Sweet, Tyngsboro, MA

Since I met Bindy a year ago, my life has made a complete turnaround. Between taking her Reiki classes and journeying with the bowls multiple times I am healing inside and out. If you’re looking to make a change, this is certainly worth a try
– April Adams, Manchester, NH

I have had the greatest blessing in meeting and working with Bindy. She is an excellent teacher and guide. I found her teachings to be inspiring, touching and effective. I will continue my Reiki education with her and would recommend her as a teacher to anyone.
– Diane K.Lawton, Ayer, MA.

Bindy is a light. She’s like a mother goddess – she’s our midwife for soul work. She is one of those people that knows what she’s doing without knowing she knows. No ego involved. She wraps you in a safe cocoon with her presence, and yet she totally stands aside and just holds and sends energy. I would say that Bindy is an expert at “getting out of the way” so Source Energy and you canhave a dance. This is not as easy as it sounds. She’s very grounded in her body when she works as well and this is verty important. Bindy is honest, authentic, and she checks in wirth herself. Integrity is another word I’d use about Bindy. The other things about Bindy is LOVE. She walks love. That smiles that lights up her face is the love she sends in her energy work.”
– Patti Grecco, Groton