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yoga for Educators with Carin

If you are an educator, chances are you spend your days nurturing and guiding others during a busy, non-stop school day.  The active practice of this class will release tension and stress from the physical demands of being on your feet all day; you will work on strength, flexibility and balance.  The internal practice will connect mind-body awareness:  turning down the volume on the outside, turning up the volume on the inside.  Give yourself the gift of this one hour class to pause, to truly slow down and breathe deeply.

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Slow Flow vinyasa with Carin

This slow-flow Vinyasa class begins with a few moments of centering and focus, followed by light stretching to warm the body.  Linking movement with breath, seated and standing poses will build on strength of muscles and bones, flexibility, and improved posture.  Strengthen your sense of proprioception with balance poses as you cultivate body awareness and mindfulness.  Classes end with a reflection on Acceptance and Gratitude.

Arrive as you are, and leave as you want to be – relaxed and rejuvenated.  Please bring your own yoga mat and water; dress comfortably.  Come with an open mind, an open heart, and a smile to share.

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Kundalini Yoga is a comprehensive form of yoga which includes Kriya (a complete action or set), Mantra, Pranayam and Meditation. Kundalini Yoga is a practice that can assist in deepening ones connection to their Higher Self and Higher Consciousness, help to move through the world with wisdom and neutrality, and maintaining a healthy connection to your body.  Kundalini Yoga can be a regular home practice and serves greatly when practice as a community. Come join us

Kundalini Yoga is scheduled for February 9th and February 23rd and March 16th and 30th. This class will be held every other week with dates to be announced. Each class is $15 with online registration, using the link below.

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